The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is an international professional, non-profit organization that aims to advance technology in general in the fields of electrical and computer engineering. It has more than 400,000 members in 160 countries.

The Electrical and Electronic Engineering Association (IEEE) of Iran was established in 1348 by Dr. Abbas Chamran, brother of Martyr Mostafa Chamran, and for 51 years, this association has provided valuable services to achieve the scientific goals of electrical and computer engineering and the spirit of volunteerism. In dear Iran, there are about 52 active university branches, which were licensed by Tarbiat Modares University in 2001.
The professors of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Tarbiat Modares University are proud to play a role in the IEEE Board of Governors of Iran at different times. Among them, we can mention Mr. Prof. Ahmad Reza Sharafat as the President of 2016-2018, Mr. Prof. Mahmoud Reza Haghi Fam as the Vice President of Iran 2014-2016, Dr. Yazdian as the Secretary of Iran in 2018. Among the honors of Tarbiat Modares University IEEE student branch, we can mention the achievement of the top branch in the country in 2015. The current board members (2020) of this branch are as follows:
Dr. Mehdi Orouji Branch Advisor
Bashir Falehgari, Head of Branch
Danesh Amani, Vice President of the branch
Mohammad Amin Ghasemi, Branch Treasurer
Mohammad Ostovar Branch Secretary
Also, among the activities of this student branch, we can mention membership in various committees of the Iranian sector, such as the Committee for Membership Development, Student Activities, and the Committee for Young Professionals. Holding courses and workshops, holding a series of seminars and webinars, cooperating in publishing the specialized scientific journal of Barghkam, participating in the International Movement Festival in cooperation with the Student Scientific Association of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and cooperating with the student branches of Turkey are other prominent activities of this branch. goes.