Banquet 2012

Hello, Daredevil fans! I’m Jonathan G., the team cameraman and moviemaker. To wrap up our 2012 season, the Daredevils put on our third annual end of the year banquet. It was quite the fitting conclusion to such a great year. The evening at Salem Lutheran Church began with a wonderful pot luck dinner and the students receiving yearbooks, designed by photographer Molly P. Speeches by Kirsi K. and other team members highlighted our crowning achievements, such as our awards won at regionals and our advancement to the World Championships. These speeches were accompanied by robot demonstrations and a few messages from our sponsors. But the highlight of the banquet was a student-organized event to appreciate our mentors. Team members read short speeches and poems that both poked fun and honored mentors who they had worked closely with. The mentors were given gifts that ranged from flowers to Zubaz blankets